If You Only Knew - Continues This Weekend

Do you ever feel like you’re not quite where you want to be?

Like you’re sprinting to what’s next, what’s bigger, or what’s better?

Ever notice how you never seem to quite arrive?

Maybe the issue isn’t what we’re running to, but what we’re running from? What if our quest for the next big thing was actually an attempt to escape from where we currently are?

And what if there was a better way?

So, what are you running to right now? Or maybe a better question, what are you running from?

Barrie Campus

If You Only Knew – Part 3 – Runaway | Carey Niewuhof

Because of our sin, so many of us spend our time isolated from God and from others. We run. We run because we believe the lie that we can’t be fully known and fully loved. And yet as we run from God, we discover something utterly astonishing. That while we were running from God, he was running to us.

8.30 and 10.00 am | Galaxy Cinemas, Barrie

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Orillia Campus

If You Only Knew – Part 2 – 5 Self-Destructive Things Everyone Does | Carey Niewuhof

Is there a pattern you follow every time you mess up? There actually is. But what if that pattern actually makes things worse, even when you think it’s making things better? Genesis 3 reveals a 5-fold pattern that mirrors the exact pattern almost everyone follows… a pattern that ultimately leads to self-destruction, unless you do this one thing.

8.30 and 10.00 am | Galaxy Cinemas, Orillia

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As a parent, sometimes it can feel like we pour all of our time and energy into making sure our kids are happy. Often times, this can mean that we get them into every activity, class, game, or experience that we think will, in the end, make them happy. However, somewhere along the way we tend start to feel overwhelmed, and our tireless pursuit to make our kids happy eventually leads us to look back and ask ‘Is it really worth it all?’

In this busy fall season our friend, Reggie Joiner, has some great insights to help us make sure we are focusing on the most important things in our kids life.

 Imagine The End – Reggie Joiner

Most parents can’t give their children a lavish inheritance, but every parent will leave a personal legacy.

With the excess that surrounds most of us, a lot of families get sidetracked from what really matters. We become so preoccupied with giving kids an inheritance that we forget the significance of leaving a legacy. Sometimes I just have to be reminded that what I give to my children or what I do for my children is not as important as what I leave in them. Isn’t it interesting how “stuff” can distract us from what is really valuable?

Too often, parents believe the end goal is to make their kids happy. There are moments when I will buy anything, do anything, and go anywhere if it will just make my kids happy.

Parents don’t like it when their kids are in a bad mood. Things are just easier when everybody is happy. You are happy when they are happy, so you’ll watch a blue dog on television, eat McNuggets, buy pet turtles, listen to the Wiggles, and mortgage your house if their happiness is at stake. You don’t want them to be spoiled; you just want them to be happy.

An entire marketing industry is built around the idea that parents want their kids to be happy. The advertisers know that we will sign them up for anything and everything to make sure they are socially adept, experientially rich, and academically well-rounded. We will recruit coaches, tutors, instructors, and mentors to make sure they can dance better, sing clearer, jump farther, throw faster, hit harder, and test higher than other kids.

Whenever we define a child’s happiness as our ultimate goal, we settle for something far less significant than what God has designed for them or what He has designed them for.  Read More…..

Taken from theparentcue.org   written by Reggie Joiner,   © 2000-2014 The reThink Group, Inc. | All Rights Reserved

With everything happening in this fall, here are two practical things that you can do for your high school student this fall that will significantly impact their life, while helping you imagine the end.

B2SB 2014 FB Cover1. Encourage them to attend the InsideOut Back to School Bash taking place This Sunday, September 21st @ 7pm here at the Connexus Office (546 Bryne Dr.). (A bus will leave the Best Western Mariposa Inn @ 6:15pm to bring students to Barrie from Orillia) This  is a great chance for your high school student to build relationships with friends who are moving in the same positive spiritual direction.  It is also a space where your student can start a relationship with a dedicated small group leader who will faithfully invest in your child’s life each week.  There will be a live band, prizes, games a free sundae bar and so much more.  As you encourage your student to come regularly, you will notice changes in their life as they begin to take important steps in creating a faith that lasts.

2. Get them to Vertical Reality and Frequency Weekend.Vertical Reality (more info) and Frequency (more info) weekend is continually life changing for students and you can register yours right here .  Vertical Reality and Frequency is Oct 17th-19th at Ontario Pioneer Camp.  Don’t let them miss this incredible chance to encounter God in a new way and to build friendships and relationships with small group leaders that could help build a faith that lasts a lifetime!

Before I go, I just want you to know as the Director of Student Ministries, I’m here to help you as a parent too. We have a great team of dedicated small group leaders who can help too.

If I can help in any way at all, just hit reply on this email or call me at the office at 705-721-9090 ext.231. I’d be happy to chat!


We are!

Tomorrow at Connexus Barrie we have a WHOLE PILE of awesome stuff going on:

  • Free popcorn
  • Fun special activities just for kids
  • Awesome costumed mannequins around our campus (seriously!)
  • An incredible Top 40 opener with our band

It’s going to be a great week and to top it off we’re launching a brand new series! If you didn’t catch the video yesterday, have a watch and invite your friends!

In Orillia, we get to join in the fun and launch the series next weekend!

We’re going to begin wrestling with one of life’s biggest questions: Can I be fully know and fully loved? What about myself do I have to hide in order to be accepted?

It’s going to be a big back-to-school launch, and whatever you do, you don’t want to miss out at our campuses on Sunday! We’ll see you tomorrow!

Barrie Campus

If You Only Knew – Part 1 – Cover Up | Carey Niewuhof

What do you do when you make a mistake? You want to do what almost every politician and leader does when they make a mistake—you try to cover it up. In the process of covering  up our mistakes, we cover up something else. Something far more significant, and something far more tragic.

8.30 and 10.00 am | Galaxy Cinemas, Barrie

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Orillia Campus

You’ll Be Glad You Did – Part 5 – Onebelievable | Andy Stanley

Churches rarely get in trouble because of theological issues. They get in trouble over competing agendas and power grabs. That’s not what Jesus had in mind when he launched his church. In fact, when he prayed for his followers, he prayed that they would be one. But what does that look like?

8.30 and 10.00 am | Galaxy Cinemas, Orillia

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Are You Ready For Fall?

Hard to believe summer’s over…and of course, now all the warm weather arrives. :)

But it’s time to ‘get back,’ isn’t it? To school, to work and (we think) to church.

In fact, September is packed with promise for you and your family at Connexus.

Let me share just three (amazing) ways:

    • Family Ministry: Promise for your Kids and Teens. Two of the best gifts you can give your kids are friends running in the right direction and another adult voice saying the same thing you would say as a parent. I promise you this makes a big difference down the road. All of our kids and student environments are in full gear for the fall! Keep your kids plugged in or plug them back in starting this weekend. You’ll be glad you did!
    • New Series: Promise for You. September features a brand new series called “If You Only Knew: Why We Hide From God and Each Other”.  I’ll deal with one of the deepest issues we all struggle with: a fear of people knowing who we really are. Seriously, this series could permanently change how you relate to God, how you feel about yourself and change your key relationships.  You can watch the trailer here.
    • Meet Me At The Movies: Promise for Your Friends. Got a bunch of friends you’d love to invite to Connexus? We’re throwing a party with a live band and full of family activities on Thursday, September 25th at the Drive In….and you’re invited. So are they. Catch the details and get tickets for Meet Me at the Movies here and we’ll share more Sunday. Hope you and a couple vans full of people can join us!

So we’re pumped. In fact, there’s a lot more happening than just those three things, but that will get us started, right?

Can’t wait to see you Sunday!

Let us know any way we can serve you.

- Carey

You Can Help!

At Connexus we’ve been working hard behind the scenes all summer as we move towards full construction on the Connexus Central Facility on Mills Rd. All of the experts and engineers have completed their drawings and are finalizing coordination of their designs. Drawings are currently at the city office and are being reviewed for permit. It’s an exciting time!

Next steps and how your company can make an impact on people’s lives!

The next step is for Hawkey, our construction management company, to put together our final construction budget. The good news is that Hawkey has built over 500 churches and have many contacts. They are on mission with us.

At the same time, Hawkey recognizes that some of you who call Connexus home may be willing to help us with this project by offering your services at a special “family” rate. If that’s the case, Hawkey would love to include you as a part of the bidding process. Imagine being a part of creating a space where people will meet Jesus for the first time!

The bidding process is completely open, so Hawkey ensures that Connexus sees all of bids that come our way.

So if you are interested in helping in this way, please email Jeff Brodie at by September 11th with your contact information. If you have any questions, Jeff would be happy to answer them.

It will take all of us “pulling hard” with our time, finances, and gifts to see this project completed, but the end result will have incredible eternal results – friends, family, and future friends in Barrie, Orillia, and beyond who will be introduced to Jesus for the first time.

The best is yet to come!